"I have been to a lot of chiropractors in my life and have always had issues with my back. Dr. Henry finally treated the root of my problem and gave me a plan to support a healthy back for life. Thanks Dr. Henry!!! I'm happy to say I will not be back to see you soon."  

-Alex B.


"Seen three other chiropractors without progress. One month with VS&S and can walk, run and hike again without pain."

-Michael C.


 "...I tried everything--long periods of rest, physical therapy, etc. After a year of not being able to squat, in just a couple visits with Dustin, I made significant progress. He's taught me how to prep my body for movement and how to address my own discomfort. I'm able to be independent and confident in the daily management and progress of this injury. Bottom line, Dustin is awesome! He's knowledgeable, caring, and effective. I recommend his care to everyone I know!"

-Marcy S.


"Dr. Henry did an amazing job helping me with the leg pain I've had for over three years. His adjustments felt great and he gave me simple things I can do at home to help. I would definitely recommend seeing him!"   

-Jacob M.