Improving Your Squat With a Band

In this blog post Camas Washington chiropractor Dr. Dustin Henry shows you how to improve your squat with a band. This is a simple and effective way to get more comfortable in the bottom position of a squat and an exercise that Dr. Henry goes over with many of his patients in Camas Washington.

Mid Back Relief From Your Camas Chiropractor

Mid-back pain is a common complaint that presents to our chiropractic office in Camas Washington. It often begins with spending long hours sitting, poor posture, and a lack of thoracic ("t-spine") mobility. It can be on one side of your back or both and a lot of mid back discomfort is located right between the bottom of your shoulder blades.

The most common mid-back pain that presents to our office is from desk workers who spend a lot of time sitting at the computer. Often we hear that they have tried stretching, standing more frequently, and even changing up their work station but still cannot find any long lasting relief.

Today,  I'm going to provide some tools for you to use against your back pain by sharing a couple of my favorite exercises that I often prescribe from our Camas chiropractic office. 

Why Do I Like the Following 2 Exercises?

Because they require minimal equipment (a ball) and can be performed virtually anywhere! It's often difficult to take specialized equipment or find space at your workplace to do anything about those annoying mid back issues. Not our problem today, these exercises can be performed in you office or at your desk. 

We're going to take a two-pronged approach to the mid back by focusing on both the muscles and the joints in separate exercises. 

For those tight muscles... 

We can use a ball (I prefer lacrosse ball) against a wall and do the following:
1) While leaning with your back against a wall, place a ball between your spine and shoulder blade.
2) Bring your arm out to the side.
3) Roll the ball around and find a spot that feels "tight" and apply some gentle (non-painful) pressure into the wall.
4) Reach your arm really wide in front of you. Try and bring your shoulder blade far away from the spine.
5) Repeat, for 3 reps on each "tight spot" 


For those stiff joints...

We can start by performing the Wall-Lean Exercise: 
1) Pull your chair up to a wall or your desk
2) Place your hands on the wall/desk
3) Forehead on the back of your hands
4) Bring your chest toward the wall, you should feel a stretch in your mid-back.
5) Try doing about 10-15, 3-seconds holds.


I hope these exercises help provide some relief. Feel free to browse the rest of our helpful videos HEREIf you want need more help, you can always come into the office in Camas for a free 15 minute consultation to learn about possible treatment options or just provide your email below and you'll be sent other helpful tips and videos from Dr. Henry. 


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Dr. Henry is a sports chiropractor in Camas Washington who specializes in helping his community by helping and teaching people how they can be active and pain free! 


2 Strategies for Your Golf Related Back Pain

Have you ever had to cancel a round of golf or leave the driving range because of your golf related back pain? If so, keep reading!

If back pain strikes when we are on the course or driving range we often feel that our only strategy is to go home and deal with it later. At Victory Spine and Sport we specialize in keeping you active. Below are 2 different exercises that have been modified by Camas sports chiropractor Dr. Henry so you can perform them while on the course, range, or in the clubhouse!

The first exercise we have is an anti-rotation drill. A common complaint is low back pain at the end of your swing, if this is the case for you then this may be a great exercise to keep in your back pocket. Try doing three 8-10 second holds on each side. 

This next one is a modified version of a single leg deadlift. There are 2 variations in the video so if the first one is too easy, try the second. This exercise does a great job of engaging the hips and glutes. Try doing 10 reps on each leg.  

Golf pains can occur for a wide variety of reasons. If these exercises cause pain or make your symptoms worse STOP doing them and see a healthcare professional. 

If your new normal is having back pain when you golf it may be time to finally do something about it!

Dr. Henry is a sports chiropractor in Camas Washington who specializes in keeping you active through chiropractic and sports rehab. His goal is to make every patient self-reliant by emphasizing exercises specific to each patient, not just their diagnosis.