what we do

Getting you out of pain with treatment. Teaching you about your symptoms.

Rehab exercises to keep it from coming back!

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not your typical chiropractic experience

We use a variety of techniques to get you out of pain. Chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue therapy, cupping, movement evaluations, and kinesio taping are some of the more common tools used. Your treatment is tailored specifically to your needs but will almost always include things you can do at home to help relieve your symptoms. 

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Everybody is different! For this reason, not everyone will receive the same treatment plan, even if you have the same diagnosis! You will receive exercises or stretches/mobility work based on how YOU specifically move. We don't do pre-printed exercise handouts here! Every patient gets a customized plan designed specifically for them!

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Patient education

We don't believe you need to see us every week for the rest of your life. When we're done teaming up together, it's our goal for you to have a toolbox filled with knowledge and exercises specific to your condition. This way, if symptoms come back, you don't have to rely on us. You can rely on yourself! And don't worry, if you can't solve your problem, we'll always have your back! You're part of Team Victory!